Feed a Hospital Worker, Save a Restaurant

The coronavirus has affected us all—our health, our social lives, our economy. Nowhere is that more palpable than in hospitals and restaurants.

We've got friends and family in both, and their stories are heartbreaking. Healthcare facilities are maxed out, lacking the resources to feed overworked providers. And restaurants—well, if they’re still open, they’re squeaking by on to-go orders.

So we had an idea. What if we contributed money to struggling restaurants to pay for meals for overworked healthcare professionals? It’s a win-win: 100% of proceeds go to local restaurants, 100% of their food goes to doctors and nurses.


Whether you’re someone who’d like to contribute, or you operate a restaurant that would like to participate, we welcome you to help us help local restaurants help healthcare professionals on the front line of Covid-19—#FeedTheLine.

As Feed the Line launches, it will be open to Bay Area restaurants and hospitals only. But as support grows, so will the program. Learn more here about bringing Feed the Line to other hospitals in San Francisco and beyond.

A Butchershop Creation

Feed the Line was created by the crew at Butchershop, a creative brand consultancy in San Francisco. With family and friends in both the restaurant and healthcare industries, we couldn’t sit idly by while hospitals drowned and restaurants stagnated. Feed the Line is our way of helping.


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